The church makes the Gospel VISIBLE! The gospel is something that God has achieved, not something for US to attempt!  The gospel is the “good news” that God gives deliverance from His divine wrath and deliverance from self-reliance, sin, and condemnation through the finished work of Jesus Christ through Faith Alone in the person of Christ.

The Clear and Only Gospel – A Few Statements

  1. The word GOSPEL means “good news”
  2. The Good News then is what is taught about something good.
  3. This teaching is found in Scripture Alone.
  4. Scripture is a STORY about two Kingdoms: God and His glory and God’s creation.
  5. God created the world in order to display Himself to a people that He would create for His purposes.
  6. The good news of the Bible is for the elect of God alone, His chosen from every race, nation, tongue and tribe.
  7. The teachings of Scripture are for the elect and those who do not belong to Christ will never be caused to understand and rest in the promises of God.
  8. The Scripture teaches that God is Holy
  9. God’s Holiness and Sovereignty demand Holiness (complete perfection) from every human.
  10. Humanity has sinned, fallen from perfection, and commits sins because we are sinners.
  11. God is His holiness is required to be just, therefore, the just condemnation for sin is death.
  12. Therefore all men are dead spiritually and will die physically and will enter into a second death eternally.
  13. So what’s the good news? 
  14. God sent the Son, fully God, fully man, born of a virgin, prophesied forever, to live as a human being.
  15. Jesus is His name. He is the Christ (messiah), or the Holy Anointed of God.
  16. He lived a life of absolute perfection without any sin before God as a man.
  17. He then died a death that He did not deserve in order to take the punishment (death) of his people.
  18. His death Atoned (paid for) the sins of His people.
  19. Jesus’ death satisfied the wrath of God because He substituted in life (obedience) and death (punishment) for His people.
  20. God, through the hearing of this truth, brings to life elect sinners and causes them to be born again to a living hope in Jesus Christ.
  21. Jesus rose from the dead and lives today in order to vindicate all His claims and promises.
  22. Therefore, Christ has taken the wrath of God from all the elect, who will believe, those for whom He died and their sins can be held against them no more.
  23. The good news then is that God has given eternal life to all those for whom Christ died, faith is resting in this finished redemption through Jesus Christ.
  24. Do you believe IN the good news today for your eternal life? Or do you believe in something else?