In the beginning days of GTC, qualified pastors from around the country stood as elders until local men could be trained and established according to Scripture. Pastor Tippins, coming from the East Bay of California, worked with them and other leadership to provide the stability, direction, and oversight needed to plant and grow GraceTruth Church.

Pastor James H. Tippins, Teaching Pastor/Elder

Accomplishments and accolades are not necessary. James, ordained in 2000, has served by the Lord’s grace for over twenty years in pastoral ministry. He has higher education in theological studies and terminal degrees in Applied Theology. James is one of several elders and is co-equal in authority and oversight with the other brethren. 

Jesse Bates, GraceTruth Church, Missionary Church, Claxton, GA
James Tippins, GraceTruth Church, Claxton, GA

Elder Candidates
Trey Mason, GraceTruth Church, Claxton, GA

Micheal Valkenaar, GraceTruth Church, Claxton, GA