Reading Romans Series, Closing Message

The GOSPEL OF JOHN is one of the most beloved of the New Testament writings. John was the disciple that “Jesus Loved” and was the only one at the crucifixion. This series will take several years (4 in fact). Please continue to join us.


Sovereign GraceTruth Baptist Church (GraceTruth Church) is really a people, not a place and certainly not in any way a program. There is nothing to say about what we ‘offer’ or ‘provide’ by way of interest groups, associations, or activities. From our beginnings several years ago we have always agreed upon several core values by which we would live and interact as a family. One of those is a commitment to Expositional Preaching of the Scriptures. The reason is that we know that the Word of God is supremely authoritative as God’s self-revelation (Logos) thereby making all Grace sufficient for every good work only through the written Word.  In the next few weeks, we will embark on our first journey through one of the Gospels. In this journey as the church, we will see first hand the power of God’s word in our lives, as we’ve already seen, and we’ll see the face of Jesus Christ clearly through the writing of John, which was recorded for the purpose of seeing and believing in Jesus Christ as the ETERNAL LIFE!

For the sake of undergirding the preached word on Sundays, we will soon begin a Sunday afternoon gathering to invest time in some of the doctrines found in John’s gospel. In conjunction with our journey through this gospel, we are also beginning our Tuesday evening study in Romans toward the end of May 2017. We will not exposit verse-by-verse but will do a theological reading of the letter and engage all of its primary doctrine and theology.

Thursday afternoons we are beginning our Theology Thursday studies and our Grace School of Theology and Pastor’s Seminary courses. This first course, which can be audited for free, will be a graduate level study of the primary theological systems of God, His Work, Jesus Christ and The Doctrine of Redemption. Enrollment for that course is currently open for the School of Theology, Pastoral candidates need an invitation for this current provision.

Peruse in your spare time and be ready to engage with a large supply of apologetic and biblical studies material centered on Christian doctrine, Life, and the Local Church. A podcast with Dr. Edward Dalcour and Pastor James Tippins will begin in a few weeks relating doctrinal and biblical studies to the pastoral ministry of the church. These will commence every Friday and will be live call-in as available.

If you’re interested in these teaching & learning opportunities, please let us know.

This is an excerpt to Philippians 2:16 during a sermon from 2014. We should pause and consider what it means for Jesus to be the fullness of God in Flesh. And then we should worship God who reveals Himself through Jesus Christ.

Revelation is one of the most misunderstood letters in Scripture. Reading it is essential to a well-rounded and biblical understanding of scripture, so for the sake of the church and her joy, hope and life, we will learn some technical things about the writing. In addition, we will read through the letter and take a broad expositional stance on it as if we were understanding it in the first century.

Stay tuned with us as we journey through.  Lord bless.

 UPDATE: The study is complete and available for streaming here

In the Beginning days of GTC Pastor James taught 64 weeks in Ephesians. Find this series here, it is worth listening to.

Due to technical errors we have only 26 of the 30 sermons of this series on video. The audio is available through the sermon/teaching link above. This series on 1 Thessalonians teaches us the power of God through His preached word to the Thessalonians and how they endured and grew in the midst of great suffering and became the model church for all the regions.

Evil with Evil

There is never a famine on wickedness. At every turn we are able to hear reports of bad things being perpetrated by bad people. Most of us have even been victimized, even if in a small way, by someone. We have been yelled at, gossiped about, or worse. The young Christians of Thessalonica were no exception. They had ridicule and persecution at times leading to their deaths. Paul when teaching this infant church, warned them against many things, taught them about the power of the Lord in their lives to rest and overcome even when the circumstances of life never changed. One of these teachings centers on the fact that evil people do evil things and that while the natural response is to fight back, as Christians, we are no longer bound as slaves to evil. Therefore we can love our enemies. This message talks to that point. I pray it will be a blessing to you.