Foundations of the Faith | AFM101

This course will review several of the basic tenants and essential doctrines of the Christian faith.  It will be a primer for future studies or an overview as a self-contained study.

The course will consist of eight weeks of one-hour sessions with 15 minutes of questions at the end.  The last week will be dealing with all the material and taking a two-hour time to answer any questions from the students.

Suggested reading:

  • Basic Christianity – John Stott (IVP and Baker Academic)
  • 5 Things Every Christian Needs to Grow – RC Sproul (Reformation Trust)
  • Foundations of the Christian Faith – James Boice (IVP Academic)
  • Christian Commitment – Carnell (Out of Print)
  • Westminster Catechism
  • Back to Basics – Hagopian

These titles are for personal study, not for this course.


Week 1 – Introduction to Essentials

  1. The need for learning and relearning
  2. Personal evaluation of Christianity
  3. Belief Systems & World Views
  4. Knowing how to think

Week 2 – Essential Home Base – The Gospel

  1. Sovereign God and His message
  2. God’s message through His Word
  3. God’s eternal plan in Christ
  4. Man’s Response

Week 3 – Flying from the Foundation – God Alone

  1. Understanding God’s Nature
  2. God’s Attributes (Briefly)
  3. God’s Decrees and Purpose
  4. God’s Purpose in Christ

Week 4 – Coming to the Center – Christ Alone

  1. The Person of Jesus
  2. His Essence and Divinity
  3. His Humanity & Purpose
  4. His Redemption

Week 5 – From the Dust to the Dirt – Creator

  1. God’s Purpose in Creation
  2. Man’s Point and Priority and the Fall
  3. Consequences of Sin (Back to Holy)
  4. God’s Election and Planned Redemption

Week 6 – From the Dirt to Deliverance – Savior

  1. Apart from Man’s Sin
  2. The Spotless Lamb of God
  3. Redemption Accomplished and Applied
  4. Effectual and Particular Redemption

Week 7 – From Dirty to Delight – Worshippers

  1. Saved for His Glory
  2. His Justice is Served
  3. Christ is Forever the High Priest
  4. The Church is the BODY of Christ

Week 8 – What Difference Does it Make? – Moving and Living

  1. Review of the Course
  2. Short Evaluation
  3. Questions from Students