Last week we began a journey looking into the heart of the gospel by seeing Jesus Christ through scripture.  My prayer for you is that your mind and heart have been transformed and the result has been a heart of worship toward Him as your greatest treasure.  This week, a small side-line focus out of John’s gospel is needed to consider how God creates life.  The scriptures teach that God brings people to faith in Jesus Christ by opening their eyes so they can see Him for who He really is.  Scripture teaches that no one has ever seen God but “He who sits at His side makes Him known.”  Jesus is the visible image of the invisible God and is the God who created all things.  Thus, Jesus is the creator of the church through His Word (Romans 10:17).  Only through the hearing of the words of Christ can one come to faith and believe.  GraceTruth Church is dedicated to this truth and asks you to pray for us as we embark on answering God’s call and launch a new church in Claxton.  Our family will be moving September 5th and plans are already underway to start meeting with many of you.  In Christ Alone!