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GRACETRUTH Church covenants with all those called to the Gospel ministry and will be diligent and intentional to train them with the proper theology and doctrine and the essentials of ministry leadership.  We are BAPTIST in our doctrines and practice and fellowship among other like-minded and theological sound congregations.  We also partner and affirm the teachings of Scripture and the true gospel of free grace by aligning with like-minded individuals, churches, and ministries.  We affirm that the call of mission, evangelism, and worship cannot be done from without the body of Christ but that the church, in her creation, will partake the call of God and engage the world as each believer is equipped and called as taught in 1 Cor 12 & Eph 4. Therefore, there is no need for organizations outside the local church, hierarchal or denominational oversight, and no biblical model for ecumenical movements or multi-faith cooperation as it pairs the true church with the world.

This list continues to get shorter and shorter.  We appreciate the following resources and ministries.

Department of Christian Defense


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