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Why Worshipping with GraceTruth May NOT be for you…. 21 Reasons

I’m not kidding by writing this article. It’s not a ploy or a play on words that will be tongue-in-cheek and cause you to want to join us for worship. It is a serious reflection over the last four years and why so many people just cannot get to the point where they want to […] Read More

Question & Answer about Christians and Politics June 14

With the current political climate it is very difficult to sift through all the dogma, emotions and concerns related to the national political scene. Scripture gives us a clear answer to most of our concerns and there is no possible way to teach exhaustively on this matter in a timely manner. What is a Christian’s […] Read More

The Work of God, Work of Grace, Work of Faith and Work of Love […] Read More

Why You Should NOT Worship with Us this Resurrection Sunday

While the whole “Church” world seems to encourage everyone from all around to come to church on Resurrection Sunday, also known as Easter, I have a different view that many people should NOT come to church that day, especially they should not attend among the fellowship of GraceTruth. Before you hang me out to be […] Read More

Community Updates Claxton Enterprise

This Summer, GraceTruth Baptist Church has turned one as a constituted church and in that time much has transpired.  Some experiences have been difficult, some incredible, but all things for our good and for the glory of God.  In our culture many people measure success in many different ways.  For example, the local church of […] Read More

Jesse and Brooke Bates! Wedding Day

Praise God for His glorious grace in the lives of these two! We are thankful to be a part of your lives Jesse and Brooke and are blessed to have you among us for the sake of the gospel. For anyone who did not make the service today, here is the audio. Soli Deo Gloria […] Read More

A Post on the Tattnall Evans Baptist Association’s Sinful Actions from 2012 to 2014 | Duplicate Post

This is a duplicate POST of the one supplied by Pastor Tippins on his ministry blog in reference to the goings on relating to the treatment of GTC and her elders/members by the TEBA Credentials Committee after numerous meetings, promises, and good faith interests: To the pure, all things are pure, but to the defiled […] Read More

TIME CHANGE: See you at 10:30 AM on Sunday!

REMEMBER:  GraceTruth in Claxton moves to 10:30 AM Sunday May 25, 2014…. MARK your calendars and get ready for some afternoon cookouts […] Read More

End Times Study

  February 15th at 9AM until Noon, join us on a journey through the prophetic teaching of “End Times”.  During this FREE class you will learn what the bible actually teaches about this topic and how to answer your most difficult questions.  You will also be instructed on the many popular views and how they […] Read More

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