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Knowing the Place of Good Works

Pastor James shared Horatius Bonar’s thoughts on the matter. Take a gander and see how scripture qualifies and expresses the need, place and purpose of living in obedience to Christ. While these conversations are always on the table, the two “sides” are both biblically rebuked. First, the person who suggests that he is right before […] Read More

Thoughts on the Good Works of Men | Fruitless Faith

THE METROPOLITAN TABERNACLE PULPIT FRUITLESS FAITH __________A Sermon Published on Thursday, November 26th, 1914. Delivered by C.H. SPURGEON, At the Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington.On Lord’s day Evning, February 21st, 1861 __________ Provided by Spurgeon Ministries Bath Road Baptist Church To: Spurgeon’s Sermons Index – This File Text Version “Even so faith, if it hath not works, […] Read More

What is Saving Faith? | Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

When considering saving faith it is often misunderstood that belief begins and remains with just accepting the truth as true. Scripture shows that believing in reality and believing in the flesh are two different things. Believing by definition is “trust” in the truth of Christ, not just agreement with the truth of Christ. In our […] Read More

A Good Thought and Reminder

Copied from TableTalk Magazine Dec 1st, 2011 written by Nicholas Batzig (Attributes below) Bernard of Clairvaux once mentioned an old man who, upon hearing about any professing Christian who fell into sin, would say to himself: “He fell today; I may fall tomorrow.” The apostle Paul commended the same mindset when he wrote, “let anyone […] Read More

Should Christians Fear God? Sermon

For many Christians, God is certainly a merciful God but also a terrifying reality. What does the bible say about how the believer should fear God? After all, the scripture teaches that “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.” Take some time to follow the word through this critical and beautiful doctrine. […] Read More

Response to “Sinner’s Prayer” and Decisional Regeneration

My brother in Christ, Eddie Dalcour, Ph.D. of Christian Defense Ministrieshas prepared a good response to the issue of the latest SBC Resolution on the Sinner’s Prayer.  I will be posting a line-by-line response soon and Lord willing, we will be answering this and other issues in a public venue.  Please find Eddie’s words and contemplate […] Read More

B.B. Warfield – Plan of Salvation

Part I – Differing Conceptions THE SUBJECT to which our attention is to be directed in this series of lectures is ordinarily spoken of as “The Plan of Salvation.” Its more technical designation is, “The Order of Decrees.” And this technical designation has the advantage over the more popular one, of more accurately defining the […] Read More

What John 3:16 Really Says

We hosted this panel in California and Dr.s Dalcour and Downing give a wonderful exposition on this text.  Please watch and listen several times. TRANSCRIPT What John 3:16 Really Says “Dr. Downing” A literal translation For So Loved God the World, the verb is in the emphatic position, so as His son, I mean His […] Read More

Are You Born Again? by J. C. Ryle (1816-1900)

Are You Born Again? This is one of life’s most important questions. Jesus Christ said, “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3). It is not enough to reply, “I belong to the church; I suppose I’m a Christian.” Thousands of nominal Christians show none of the signs of […] Read More

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